OVERVIEW Your major project is your proposal for a 40–60


OVERVIEW Your major project is your proposal for a 40–60 minute teaching session primarily incorporating the following:

 Higher-order thinking skills 

Active learning strategies

Adult learning theory (andragogy)

During this first week of class you will suggest a topic for your proposed teaching session. You will not actually present a teaching demonstration but will simply propose what you would do. Nonetheless, the project is extensive and will require doctoral level thought and effort.

INSTRUCTIONS As you consider possible topics, use the following as guides:

1.   Envision a graduate level class which means to us that you’ll primarily emphasize the higher levels of thought (we’ll review Bloom’s Taxonomy and Anderson and Krathwohl’s revision of Bloom) rather than just sharing information. Many of your earlier assignments will emphasize that focus. 

2.   Choose a topic with which you have experience, or have a high level of interest.

3.   Since your presentation is for just one class session, you’ll need to narrow your focus. In 40-60 minutes, at a graduate level depth, you will not cover all of attachment theory, for instance, but you may be able to focus on one aspect of attachment theory (and analyze, or evaluate that aspect at a high level).

4.   Choose a topic that is counseling related—counseling theory, popular/controversial  counseling therapies (for example, individual emotion-focused therapy), a particular population (for example, eating disorders, childhood physical and sexual abuse, etc.), a particular area of the counseling field (for example, assessment, psychopathology, developmental counseling, or multicultural counseling), topics in addiction counseling, marriage/family counseling, etc. General “counseling” areas such as life coaching could also be considered but your professor will help you ensure that your topic leads to a graduate level experience. Whatever you choose, you’ll have to narrow your focus to cover the topic in-depth for a graduate level audience. Review topics you encountered in your counseling-related graduate study and you’ll find numerous options. Your professor can add ideas if you get stuck. Your topic needs to have a strong foundation of scholarly research as expected in graduate study.

 5.   Write a paragraph that you will submit. In the paragraph, briefly explain your idea and provide a rationale for choosing the topic.  At this point, you will have only a general idea of your focus in your final teaching proposal and the essential elements (highlighted above) will become more clear as you master the content from the class texts, videos, and supplemental documents.  Keep in mind that you will not primarily share information in your proposed lesson (this is not a lecture proposal) but you will take your students through active learning activities, emphasizing higher-order thought, and incorporating adult learning principles. What you choose as your topic is very important since all subsequent assignments build on this topic, so give it adequate consideration.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool. 


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