answer for the following post two pargraph with intext citation

answer for the following post two pargraph with intext citation and reference to further the dialog , give more information 


The textbook tells us that ethics is “a set of moral standards for judging whether something is right or wrong” (Gitman, et al, 2018). Many companies have a code of ethics to provide employees with the knowledge of what their company expects in terms of their relationship between fellow employees, customers, and suppliers (Gitman, et al., 2018).

         I chose to research Amazon because I do a large amount of business with this company.  Amazon’s code of ethics was recently updated in November 2020 and is fairly similar to other large corporations (Amazon, 2020). It lists many restrictions pertaining to conflicts of interest, insider trading, bribery and financial integrity (Amazon, 2020). It also discusses health and safety of employees such as providing a clean, safe, and healthy work environment. Much of my research leads me to believe they are lacking in the health and safety component. Amazon has been accused of unethical business practices frequently in the past year. Accusations such as poor treatment of employees, massive tax loopholes and using seller information to create competing products and suppressing the sale of other items (Fernando, 2020). A recent Wall Street Journal report found that 10% of Amazon warehouse workers sustained serious injuries in 2018, twice the national average (Fernando, 2020). Others claim Amazon has a relentless need for efficiency at the expense of worker safety and health. This information concerns me and certainly makes me question doing further business with this company.

Brandi Crane


Fernando, K. (2020). Wall Street Journal releases report on Amazon’s unethical business practice. Commonwealth Union.

Gitman, L., McDaniel, C., Shah, A., Reece, M., Koffel, L., Talsma, B. & Hyatt, J. (2018). Introduction to Business. OpenStax.


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