Choose your ethics and how they work with others in


Choose your ethics and how they work with others in an interpersonal situation. There are six interpersonal ethical theories  (1-the human nature approach of Aristotle; 2-the nature of communication; 3-communication as a social contract; 4-communication as relationship and relationship ethics; 5-the ethical implications of communication as  dialogue; and 6- the ethic of caring.) Please keep in mind that ethics does not equal morality.

  • section  1: How will each of these theories apply to how you treat others? Is  the application situational? Which one’s don’t apply and why? If you  plan to include more then one, how will they interact?
  • Section  2: Please write from your own experience how you applied your ethics to  two (2) different situations. Which ethical approach did you use and  why? What was the nature of how you communicated your ethics to others  and what was the outcome?
  • What are the implications of your  interpersonal ethos for your professional ethics? How do the two  inter-relate or conflict with your personal goals?

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