SCENARIO Samson Media is a publisher of several upmarket fashion   magazines.



Samson Media is a publisher of several upmarket fashion   magazines. It has strong links with several high-profile fashion houses whose   products are featured in the magazines, and also provide a significant source   of advertising revenue. Readers of the magazines are predominantly 35 –   54-year-old women. 

Readership has fallen over the last two years. This is due   in the most part to due to competition from a range of other fashion   magazines and consumers switching to digital media. Due to the decline in   readership, profits have also fallen by 20% and there has also been a   decrease in the share price. 

Therefore, the new CEO, Amir Johnson, has been appointed.   Amir was the former Marketing Director for a well-known successful media   business that included a national newspaper, magazines, and a subscription   television channel. Those publications are focused mainly on sport and   celebrity gossip. It is able to undercut its competitors with low prices,   enabled by a ruthless approach to achieving high levels of efficiency.

Amir and his team of Managers have developed a Strategic   Plan that includes the following objectives. 

· Increase return on capital to 8% within 2   years 

· Enact a transformational change of the company   that will convert all magazines to a digital format.

· Close the printing and distribution site.

· Achieve cost efficiencies through relocating   the head office to a smaller office.

· Restructure head office staff through moving   to a smaller core of permanent staff and more contract staff. 

It is intended that the new digital magazines will have   the following features: 

· Focus on health and beauty, fashion and   celebrity gossip.

· Some free content but full access available   only on a subscription basis.

· Additional features available to subscribers   such as video clips, podcasts and discussion

Current staff information is as follows. All staff are   full-time permanent staff and their total salary costs per annum to Samson   Media are also included below.

· General Manager: $200,000

· Finance Manager: $150,000

· Marketing Manager: $150,000

· Customer service manager: $100,000

· Customer service assistant: $240,000 (total   salary costs for each journalist is $80,000) (2) – $100,000 (total salary   costs for each assistance is $50,000)

· Online Marketing Coordinator: $120,000

· Human Resources Manager: $110,000

· Editor: $85,000

· Art Editor: $80,000

· Journalists (3): $270,000 (total salary costs   for each journalist is $90,000) 

· Graphic designers (2): $240,000 (total salary   costs for each journalist is $80,000)

· Editing Assistant (2): $120,000 (total salary   costs for each assistance is $60,000)

· Photographer (2): $150,000 (total salary costs   for each assistance is $75,000)

· Senior Designer (2): $260,000 (total salary   costs for each journalist is $120,000)

· Senior Production Controller: $95,000

· Printing and distribution (20 staff): Total   $1,000, 000 

The cost of running the printing and distribution site,   plus staff costs is currently approximately $1,500,000 per annum. It has been   identified that, given the change to the new medium of publication, it will   be an immediate priority to shut down the site and make all of the staff   redundant.——————- 

The current office rent is $500,000 per annum.

Employment contracts are in place for all staff members   employed in Head Office. Printing and distribution workers are employed under   an award. The CEO has indicated that he is interested in moving towards an   enterprise agreement arrangement for all remaining staff and would like to   have this reviewed as part of the change management process. 

Current human resources policies and procedure include a   recruitment, selection and induction policy and procedure and a termination   policy and procedure. There is an ad-hoc performance review process in place,   which occurs as issues arise. There are no formal processes for training   needs analysis or professional development. 

As the General Manager, you have been asked to lead the   development and implementation of the change management plan, with the first   step being to consult with an organisational change expert to discuss issues   and strategies for change management for the company. 

It is anticipated that, while there will be some cost   savings in making the change, there will also be costs involved including:

• Redundancies:   anticipated cost is $300,000

• Upskilling   staff: $100,000

• Consulting   with experts: $100,000

• Communication   throughout change with key stakeholders: $100,000



Recruitment, selection and induction policy and procedures 

The CEO has indicated that he is interested in moving   towards an enterprise agreement arrangement for all remaining staff and would   like to have this reviewed as part of the change management process.

Policy Statement

Samson   Media is committed to recruiting and selecting quality staff and inducting   staff to ensure they understand their job role and can follow all required   procedures.


Selection   decisions will always be made on merit to avoid discrimination and   unfairness. 

Employee termination will be handled sensitively and with   fairness. 


This policy and procedure apply to all staff who undertake   recruitment, selection, induction. This policy and procedure is supported by,   and linked to the company’s Strategic Plan, and Staff Code of Conduct.


1. Recruitment,   selection and appointment. 

The following procedures will be followed for recruitment.   

· Prior to the recruitment process commencing,   HR to develop a position description or access an existing position   description. Ensure all information in the position description is accurate   and identifies the key responsibilities, key selection criteria and desirable   skills and attributes. 

· HR will advertise the position using the   organisation’s preferred medium(s) and Ad templates. Ads will clearly specify   the purpose of the role, key selection criteria, mandatory qualifications and   a contact name and number, 

· Following receipt of applications, HR and the   responsible manager will develop a shortlist of applicants based on the   applications provided and their suitability to the role. Ensure that all shortlisted applicants have   mandatory qualifications required of the position or the ability to obtain   them.

· Interview of shortlisted candidates will be   completed with HR and the responsible manager at the interview. Standard   questions will be used and accurate notes will be taken.

· Following the interview, HR and the   responsible manager will agree on the selected applicant and referee checks   will occur using the Reference Check form.

· Letter of offer to be sent out to successful   candidate/s and rejection letters to unsuccessful candidates using standard   letters.

· Letter of offer is developed using standard   template 

2. Induction

  • HR creates a staff file for the new        staff member and all documents relating to the recruitment process are        stored.
  • Staff member completes all required        documentation for employment, including contracts, staff details forms        and TFN notice. 
  • Ensure signed contract is on file. 
  • Induction plan is created and initial        induction completed.
  • Inductions as per plan are conducted        during the first three months, which is also the probationary period. 

· At least 2 days prior to the probationary   period lapsing, HR will hold a review and support session with the   employee. This session is to be used   as a feedback and review from both parties on the probationary period. 

  • A forward plan for development and        training needs is to be developed during this session and agreed to by        the employee.
  • If the employee’s performance is not        satisfactory, 

Supporting   documents 

  • Position description template
  • Advertisement templates
  • Letter of offer
  • Award
  • Employment Contract template
  • Unsuccessful candidate template
  • Induction plan 
  • Induction checklist 


Supporting information 

Termination Policy and Procedure 


Samson Media   is committed 

– to   providing clear guidelines about the termination of employees. 

– to   ensuring that where a staff member’s employment is terminated, this is   completed in accordance with the law and with sensitivity. 


This   applies to all employees of Samson Media. Termination may be because of:

· Redundancy: the position is no longer needed.

· Retrenchment: there are reduced positions

· Employee resigns

· Serious misconduct investigated according to   disciplinary procedure 

· Unsatisfactory performance 


Resignation or Dismissal 

Notification   of cessation of a staff member’s employment must be provided in writing. 

The   employee is to provide resignation notice outlining intention to resign and   the final date of employment. Notice must be provided as per the employee’s   employment contract or award. 

Where   Samson Media terminates employment due to redundancy, retrenchment,   unsatisfactory performance or serious misconduct, a notice of termination   will be provided, outlining final date of employment and reasons for   termination.

Expectations   about performance is included in each staff member’s contract, as well as in   the staff code of conduct.

Exit Interview 

All   employees will be entitled to an exit interview with their manager. 

The   purpose of the exit interview is to seek information from the employee as to   their experience of employment with the organisation and to identify areas   for improvement. 

The   exit interview is a confidential discussion. 

Information   provided during the exit interview is reviewed and incorporated into Samson Media’s   ongoing quality improvement activities as required.

Written Reference 

Employees   with more than two (2) months service can be provided with a written   reference on performance and service details, unless dismissed for serious   misconduct. 

Employees   with less than two (2) months service or those who are dismissed due to   serious misconduct may, upon request, be provided with a written statement of   service containing the length and nature of the employment. 

Return of Samson Media’s property.

On   or before the employee’s final date of employment, the employee is to: 

· Return all property of the organisation   (including keys, documents, information technology equipment, intellectual   property)

· Return or be reimbursed with outstanding petty   cash

· Remove hard copy and electronic personal and   confidential files

· Inform supervisor of any passwords/codes that   may prevent access to computer files


Before   the employee’s final date of employment, Samson Media will:

· Calculate remaining leave entitlements and   final payments according to law

· Ensure forwarding contact details are provided   by the employee

· Inform the employee’s superannuation fund of   the employee’s final date of employment. 

On   or before the employee’s final date of employment, Samson Media will: 

· Restrict computer network access: both office   and remote

· Remove as a signatory to financial and other   transactions.

Record Keeping  

The   staff member’s resignation letter or a copy of Samson Media’s employment   termination letter is filed in the employee’s personnel file. 

The   staff exit interview and checklist will be filed in the employee’s personnel   file.


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