The workforce is changing, in many cases there are younger

The workforce is changing, in many cases there are younger employees entering and engaging within the workplace. Race, and gender will continue to play a major role within the work environment, yet in today’s world there are diverse emerging concepts that organizations must be aware of and sensitive to. These include sexual orientation, religious points of view, and generational changes that are vastly different than they were in the recent past. In this discussion, you will reflect on the changing times in the world and focus on the challenges organizations are facing as they attempt to comply with EEO.

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  • Share an example from personal experience or the news media of a company charged with violating EEO, or simply facing challenges related to workplace discrimination. NOTE: If you share something from personal experience, you do not need to share identifying information about the parties involved, just speak about the situation generally.
  • Recommend steps that organization could take to ensure employees have the proper awareness and tools to help reduce the liability of an EEO charges like this
  • Assess how these changes will challenge the day to day objectives of that organization

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