The title of what you chose to read this week:                    I

 The title of what you chose to read this week:          

         I am reading—  The 18th Abduction by James Patterson               

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    I am on chapter—  25     and would have to read for 2 hours    THE 18TH ABDUCTION Read Online Free Without Download – PDF, ePub, Fb2 eBooks by James Patterson (

 1. Provide a 1-3 sentence summary for what you read 

2. In 1-2 paragraphs, reflect your thoughts and feelings as you read.  Explain:

  • Why you chose this to read
  • Whether you are happy with that choice and why or why not
  • Your thoughts and feeling as you read, both about the text you are reading as well as your reading process

I love to read James Patterson books, please read a good section of the book and answer these 2 questions. 


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