Assignment Content The CEO of the manufacturing company you are currently


Assignment Content

  1. The CEO of the manufacturing company you are currently consulting for has now asked you to look into implementing a CRM. The company currently uses spreadsheets to track sales calls and a paper address book to keep customer information. The CEO has asked you to research and recommend a CRM that will meet the company’s needs.

    Research at least three CRM packages.

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    Use Microsoft® Excel® to create a comparison table that compares the pros and cons of each package.

    Select one product for the manufacturing company.

    Create a 10- to 12-slide narrated, multimedia-rich Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation for the customer on why implementing the chosen CRM is prudent. Be sure to address the following:

    • Why the chosen package is most appropriate
    • How this software will be an improvement over their current methods
    • How the chosen CRM package will fit into the overall enterprise of the organization
    • The benefits customers can expect as a result of implementing the new software
    • Notes:
      “Multimedia-rich” includes audio and video components. Multi-media aspects of the presentation examples include the following:


    •  including audio within the presentation (Insert > Audio),
    •  narration of the slide contents via detailed speaker notes,
    •  incorporating an audio component (URL, flash) with relatable content, or
    •  including an audio file that narrates the slides, which does not have to be in sync with the presentation slide arrangement
    • video
    •  including audio within the presentation (Insert > Video),
    •  incorporating an video component (URL, flash) with relatable content, or 
    •  including a video file that narrates one or two slides, which does/do not have to be in sync with the presentation slide arrangement
    • Detailed speaker notes are not required. Speaker notes are encouraged because the essence of a basic presentation is to present a snapshot of information.

      Submit your assignment.


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