3. Imagine that you were a “teacher” in the Stanley


3. Imagine that you were a “teacher” in the Stanley Milgram Disobedience study and answer the following questions: 

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a. As a teacher, does this mean you are a research participant or a confederate? Please explain your choice.

b. How might whether you are an authoritarian or a libertarian (two related stable personality traits) relate to whether or not you would shock the “learner” all the way up to the highest voltage? 

c. Would you say Dr. Milgram used deception in his study to manipulate and control your involvement? How so? How was the influence of “institutional context” and “experimental context” used in the deception process?

d. Would you say the benefits of the study outweighed the costs/risks to the human subjects involved in the study? (this is an opinion question, you just need to back up whatever position you take)

e. Would you expect Dr. Milgram to debrief you after the study? If so, what should be included in the debriefing process? If so, when should that debrief have happened?


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