Name and briefly describe five reasons why females join a

  1.  Name and briefly describe five reasons why females join a gang.
  2. Why do gang members use gang graffiti?
  3. .Explain how William James’s concepts and theories were relevant to Mead’s ideas
  4. Analyze Mead’s ideas on “ethical philanthropy.”

The post is accurate, original, and relevant, teaches us something new of academic value (beyond material provided in the assigned text), provides sociological analysis, and is well written. Ten point comments add to the overall class discussion and stimulates additional thought about the issue under discussion. The post must be at least 325 words (in the text of the post) in length and include a minimum of at least one properly cited academic reference (academic book or journal article other than the assigned materials). This reference should be a recent publication. Be sure to use the ASA format when citing references in-text and end of text (Bibliography).

Please make sure the citing is in ASA format. Also after each paragraph make sure you put the citied work after it. 

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