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1-Please write 5 differences between T lymphocyte cells and B lymphocytes.

2-What is a Cytokine Storm? Please write 3 examples.

3-What are the three main important activities of the Complement proteins?

4-Please define Memory T cells?

5-What is the general prognosis for Cytomegalovirus?

6-Which Hepatitis virus represents a great health problem in our country? How do you explain this situation?

7-Please explain the pathogenesis of Bordetella pertussis infection?

8-When we receive the Hepatitis B vaccine, which serum marker is able to confirm that we are protected against that virus?

9-Why Diphtheria infectious disease is increasing its frequency in USA?

10-What are you currently doing not to be contaminated with the Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2?


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