ScenarioYou are assisting Rasmussen Hospital with the development of its

ScenarioYou are assisting Rasmussen Hospital with the development of its privacy policies. Your manager asked you to do some preliminary research and to analyze the privacy policies of other healthcare organizations. Once you finish, your manager asked you to write-up your findings so that she can share them with the hospital’s leadership team.Instructions

  1. Perform an internet search to locate the privacy policies for at least three (3) different healthcare organizations. For each organization
    1. List the organization’s name and identify the type of healthcare provider.
    2. Provide a link to the webpage(s) from their website that you used.
    3. Identify at least two (2) laws, regulations, or acts their policies are adhering to.
  2. Based on your analysis of the organizations, address the following: 
    1. What particular policies do these organizations have in common with one another?
    2. What are healthcare providers’ responsibilities with regard to informing patients about their rights?
  3. Your manager advised that the report should: 
    1. be 3 pages long
    2. be well-organized
    3. be written using proper spelling and grammar
    4. reflect professional tone and vocabulary

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