What is your upcoming week’s detailed schedule at your community practice experience placement?

This week is an APA essay of 1500 words with 500 words for each of the sections. Three scholarly sources are required. Be sure to write all APA papers/essays with correct title page, running head, page #s, introduction, level headings, a conclusion, APA citations, and a reference page. There are three different sections to the paper this week which should be separated using level headings to organize each section. The Rubric for grading this week is an Essay Rubric – please review.

  • Identify one aspect of big data and data mining that is interesting to you.
    • Explain the concept and how it might bring value to healthcare.
  • Describe the concept of continuity planning.
    • If you were the director or manager for your current workplace, describe the preparedness program you would recommend.
  • Locate an article discussing the use of informatics in healthcare education of the general public or of nursing students.
    • Discuss the benefits and drawbacks to using technology in this situation and recommendations from the author.
    • Do you feel this use of technology is a viable method of educating (the public or nursing students)? Why or why not?

assignment 2

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I’m Doing my community practice in a health insurance company as a Case Manager.

  1. What are your upcoming week’s specific learning goals and objectives?
  2. What is your upcoming week’s detailed schedule at your community practice experience placement?
  3. Were there any placement items/issues that occurred this week that you feel your instructor should be aware of that are private in nature and are more appropriately shared here than in the discussion board with your classmates?
  4. Give a brief description of an objective you worked on this week. Make sure to cite at least one reference showing how your objective relates to the public health knowledge you’ve studied during this course or the public health course. You may choose to reference your e-text, journal articles, or videos you’ve studied during these courses or you may find an outside reference on your own to further enhance your public health knowledge and practices.

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