MUST FOLLOW OUTLINE 10 PAGES 1 you have been hired as a criminal justice expert by the Justice Department

1) you have been hired as a criminal justice expert by the Justice Department; 2) The Justice department would like you to research and report on the necessity of American police reform; 3) Discuss three most urgent areas of reforms that are needed; 4) Discuss the difficulties of police reform and how they can be overcome;
“What is police reform?”
Reform of American Police
II- Literature Review
“The importance of Police Reform”
III- Necessity of police reform
IV Issues that need to be changed/fixed A Accountability
B Excessive use of force, broken windows
C Discriminatory stop and frisks policies/practices D Future changes
V Difficulties of Police reform
A Determine which institutions work in order to increase police responses and
B Police personality and culture C Police civil liability
D Police culture
VI Conclusion
VII References-
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