Reminder: Term Paper The Profile of the FemaleDelinquent At a minimum this paper should include adescription and analysisof this specific

Reminder: Term PaperThe Profile of the FemaleDelinquentAt a minimum, this paper should include adescription and analysisof this specific type of delinquent(common profile). This profile must include the typical femaledelinquentspast arrests patterns/types, mentalhealth concerns, previous education, victim/offender, drug abuse, etc. Your paper also shouldfurther includefactssurroundingfemale delinquency. You have ample latitude, but ensure your paper addresses the mentioned matters.Do not plagiarizein the least.Technical Information1. Minimum of 3 pages in length (not more than 4)2. 1.5 line spacing3. Times New Roman4. 12 point font5. 1 inch margin right around the paper8. Five references are to be used for this paper. You must reference your textbook. You can research and select the remaining five references.9. APA format (internal reference very important).10. The paper may not line up when you paste it in the submission box. You will not be penalized.11. Do not plagiarize. Your paper will be submitted for an electronic review to ensure you do not.12. You do need a reference page!!!!13. Visithttp://plato711.blogspot.comand use search box for really good articles and videos (all contemporary)

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