Assignment Lesson Five Lesson Five Assignment Instructions: Objective Update and Journal Critical Analysis review Instructions: Lesson Five is due at

Assignment – Lesson FiveLesson Five Assignment Instructions: Objective Update and Journal Critical Analysis reviewInstructions:Lesson Five is due at the end of week thirteen. The Lesson Report assignment is generally submitted every two weeks Lessons One through Five. The Report contains three graded activities:Overall format (do not overuse: page breaks, excess line returns, or increased margins size), readable of your assignment, and citations. Include page footers and page numbers on all assignments.A unique Business Journal Article Critique Essay.Internship update summary of internship site activities:Hours (containing a statement of activities).Hours worked or volunteered.Submit the status of the three Internship SMART Objectives with supporting raw data. Additionally, submit a current analysis (a state where you are in completing the objective and what you have learned so far) of collected raw data. If the objective is complete, state so.To assist…review the SMART Objective Update Requirements item found in the Lesson Tools.The report includes the following components in this order (use a bold section header for each critical report element):TRANSMITTAL LETTER: to the decision-maker (for this purpose that is the Professor) —watch the video found in Lesson Tools for more information.TITLE PAGE: assignment title, plagiarism statement, and course information.SECTION I: a short executive summary (ES) of the entire report —not to exceed (NTE) a half-page followed by a page break and NTE three paragraphs/single-spaced.Executive Summary (ES) should answer this…if the decision-maker only reads your ES would decision-maker want to move on through your report, or could they make a decision based on your ES?SECTION II: the unique business journal critique essay (the article provided as part of the assignment)—watch the video found in Lesson Tools for more information.SECTION III: The Internship Site updateA current update of three internship objectives.raw data proof of internship objectives current status (analyze and graphically present raw data).performance hours for the period and to date.SECTION IV: Reference page, with references listed in APA format.Any appendices, if needed (outside sources must be referenced in the main report to be valid to report).Length:Journal Critique 4 to 5 pagesSite and Objectives update 4 to 5 pagesTransmittal memorandum, cover page, and references are not in the page count.Sources:The completed report cites three outside sources. Two sources should be from reviewed business journals.JOURNAL ARTICLE: Leading the Team You Inheritby Michael Watkins. Sign in to the CTC Library database to obtain the Article.Resource Material critique deck v.2Assignment RubricReport Assignment BMGT 2488 Requirements & CriteriaTransmittal Letter and Administrative Format (5%)Title Page (5%)Section I (10%)Section II (35%)Section III (40%)Section IV (5%)Total of 100 points (100%)Total (late assignments NTE 5 days – 15% reduction based on approval)please include all of thathe executive summary should be single-spaced.ufeffufeffufeffufeffufeffufeffufeffufeff2.reduce the white space in your report. No more than one carriage return between sections or subsections.3ufeffufeffufeffufeffufeffufeffufeffufeffufeffufeffufeffufeffufeffufeffufeffufeffufeffufeff.Journal article did not use the required analysis format.4. missing two Objective updates5. missing cumulativeand period hours spent on the internship site.

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