1.Assignment Create an alternative decision matrix for the case system. Using Excel or Word develop a decision matrix to be

Create an alternative decision matrix for the case system. Using Excel or Word, develop a decision matrix to be used to evaluate three proposed design alternatives (alternatives A, B, and C).
The idea is to create a worksheet that can be applied to any set of alternatives.
Criteria: Decision matrix has columns for criteria weights and points available, and columns that represent three proposals. Within each proposal include columns for points assigned and
the product of points assigned times criteria weight. The bottom row of the matrix contains column totals.
Your essay should be 3 pages in content and fully explore all of the following items described above. Include at least 2 outside citations (not including your text) and use proper APA formatting.
Atleast 2 In-line citations and references required.
2. Weekly Memo – Memo should be related to the discussions , assignment and should be one page(citations,references, APA not required).
Relate this weeks assignment and discussions to your work in office/organization.
1) Describe the primary activities of the design phase of the SDLC.
2)Distinguish between the two-tier, three-tier, and n-tier client–server architectures.
Each discussion should have atleast 3 paragraphs, 2 inline citations, 2 references. Due by next tuesday evening.
Plagiarism should be very minimal. I may ask for changes if required.


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