Locate a 10K report of your choice from the SEC www.sec.gov or from the company web site SEC Annual Filing

Locate a 10-K report of your choice from the SEC (www.sec.gov ) or from the company web site (SEC Annual Filing – 10-K). Present the company name and link to the most recent SEC 10-K report in the appropriate discussion for approval.
The company you select should have segments and references to noncontrolling interest in the SEC 10-K.
Explore the concepts of our chapter and notice how your company presents related information
including segments.
Vertical analysis is a strong tool when discussing the income statement and, separately, segments. Small charts you create, comparing the three-year income statement information from the SEC 10-K count as space. You can create an income statement with key line items including SG&A and Income Tax Expense. You may appropriate group less relevant items as “All other”. Judgment is an important accounting concept!
Prepare a report on disclosure issues related to the segment and noncontrolling interest information in the SEC 10-K.
Your deliverable should be two-four pages in length,
single-spaced, with double spacing
between paragraphs. Use one-inch margins. Font should be 10 – 12 points. Use headings related to topics in our class.
Page count does not include copy and paste text or displays (such as a balance sheet). You should include the four major financial statements in your report but they do not count as pages or space. Use the Snip-It Tool to copy and paste into your word document. Small charts you create do count as space.
Pepsico form 10k


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