Letter should be singlespaced and no more than two pages.Draft a letter using standard letter format including: logoletterhead date recipients

Letter should be single-spaced, and no more than two pages.
Draft a letter using standard letter format including:
recipients address,
body, including a specific request
closing, and
As an intern for sadiePR, you are requesting time off from work and funds to attend to the 2020 PRSSA International Conference.
You need to include a brief budget that includes all direct costs. Please note that the actual event is in progress, however, I am using the information for the event as the basis for our exercise. You will:
address the letter to me, as executive director of the firm
use the Manship Schools mailing address as my business address in preparing your letter
use your branded logo/letterhead for the letter (hint: use your resume header as your letterhead)


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