This essay MUST be written based on two of these: The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn book The Jim

This essay MUST be written based on two of these:
– The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn (book)
– The Jim Dilemna (book)
– Poem by Stephen Crane The Bride Comes To Yellow sky
– Poem by Linda Hull, The Night Waitress
– Poem by Li-Young Lee The gift
– Poem by Jamaica Kincaid Girl
– Short story by Eudora Welty A Worn path
– Short story by Carol Oates Where are you going, where have you been
If youve never read these or are unfamiliar with them you can find them on google, but please dont send me an offer if you cant do that. The first two books can be found on Spark notes.
In this 3-5-page essay you will compare or contrast the themes (and other aspects) of two literary works (i.e. a story and poem, two poems, or two stories).Remember the purpose of a comparison or contrast is not simply to say that there are similarities and/or differences. You must have a purpose for the comparison—something that is revealed via the contrast or comparison.To get to the purpose of a comparison or contrast, the student of literature must ask:
What is the issue/theme that the two authors are striving to convey?
What question are you trying to answer with the two texts?
This paper requires either block or point-by-point organization for a traditional comparison or contrast.Please, as always, use MLA format for writing and pay particular attention to the requirements for citing poetry (they are different from MLA for citing short stories or novels). Always include a works cited page.


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