Your paper must be between 2025 pages. In such a paper there should be not less than 15 sources. AND

Your paper must be between 20-25 pages. In such a paper,
there should be not less than 15 sources. AND I DO NOT MEAN INTERNET SOURCES. STAY AWAY FROM WIKIPEDIA AND WWW.COM STUFF. That is good for information but it is NOT considered great in
professional writing and publication materials. In this class, you have to use journals in your field,
articles, books, book chapters, other professional journals, etc. Do not lose a lot of points for NOT adhering to these guidelines. It is a good idea that you get some of your sources by going to the library in person and checking out professional material. That is not entirely old school. You need to know what’s over there. The library staff are excellent in assisting you in such endeavors. You paper shall be between 20 -25
in length including title page, table of contents. literature review
and references cited page. Your literature review will possibly require anywhere from 8-10 pages if done correctly


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