Your Intro to FashionProduct Developmentfinal project is due a few weeks from now This project is designed to show you

Your Intro to Fashion
Product Development
final project is due a few weeks from now! This project is designed to show you how designers start with creating a product and how apparel lines are produced. Chapter 7 is titled Product Development and is a great source of information when it comes to the process.
Just like the start to any creative project, there first is an INSPIRATION. Lets begin this process so that we first find our direction!
Begin to collect information, start your
and decide on the
for your apparel line. For your Assignment due Monday 11/9, I would like you to
your theme, trend or inspiration for your FINAL PROJECT. (See Assignments for Final Project details).
1. Submit an
include a description and a link regarding the research on your trend, theme, concept and where you found your inspiration (ie. Vogue magazine, LiketoKnowIt, a specific Designer)
Create a
trend board
and submit 4-6 images of the trend that has inspired you.
Add a description of its relevance in fashion today. Mention where your merchandise falls on the Fashion Life Cycle (research and site sources please!) and who the Target Market is for the trend chosen fashion product
3. Choose between 2 seasons for your new product development: SPRING 2021 or FALL 2021
Choose from the following
Textured garments
Matching Sets


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