Duiker W. J. 2015. Contemporary world history 6th ed.. Stamford CT: Cengage Learning. TEXT BOOK CITATION must use as a

Duiker, W. J. (2015). Contemporary world history (6th ed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning. – TEXT BOOK CITATION ( must use as a sources as long with 2 other soucres.
Follow rubric
Required Resources
Read/review the following resources for this activity:
· Textbook: Chapter 4, 5, 6
· Lesson
· Link (video): Benito Mussolini (Links to an external site.) (53:48)
· Minimum of 2 scholarly sources (in addition to the textbook)
Watch the entire video on Benito Mussolini (noted in the Required Resources). Identify and describe 3 aspects of the video you found most interesting that align with each of the following:
1. Foreign policy.
2. Violent and/or non-violent movements for social, economic, and political change
3. Governmental authority/loss of personal liberties
Conduct additional research to provide an analysis of those 3 aspects. What information did you find that the video left out? How did the video enhance your understanding of those aspects?
Writing Requirements (APA format)
· Length: 2-3 pages (not including title page or references page)
· 1-inch margins
· Double spaced
· 12-point Times New Roman font
· Title page
· References page
This activity will be graded using the W2 Essay Grading Rubric.
Course Outcomes (CO): 1, 3, 4, 5
Stevenson, M. (Director), & Cameron, P. (Producer). (2018). Benito Mussolini [Video]. Public Broadcasting Service. Academic Video Online.


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