DUE DATE: 11122020 Course Juvenile Justice Policy Required Pages: AT LEAST 10 pages doubled spaced not including the titlepage abstract

DUE DATE: 11/12/2020
Course- Juvenile Justice Policy
Required Pages: AT LEAST 10 pages, doubled spaced (not including the title-page, abstract, and reference pages)
Ensure you apply correct APA format, in-text citations, and include a Christian world view application with biblical in-text citations.
Sources need to be recent in nature (within the past 5 years). The Christian world view can be throughout the paper or in its own section at the end of the paper and if so, it will need to be at least one full paragraph (6-8 sentences).
Assignment/Essay Question:
Looking at the four theories provided: Strain Theory, Social Disorganization Theory, Differential Association Theory, Labeling Theory
Choose two of these theories to analyze against one another. As you write your essay answer this series of questions:
Explain each theory.
What are the strengths and weaknesses of the theory?
What is the relationship between the theory and practice?
Is there any evidence to support the theory and
delinquency causation?
How is the theory critical to the understanding and
control of delinquency?
Which theory do you think does the best job of explaining
the causation of delinquency and why?
Ø Review the rubric to meet all expectations for the paper.
Ø Appropriate headings are expected.
Ø I will require all website info for references used!!! –when a journal is used please include the DOI as the professor insists on having it. (website is not required for biblical citations, just the verse info)
A plagiarism report is REQUIRED.


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