Assignment Content Createa change plan for one organizational performance issue aligned with the needs assessment in Week 1 and the

Assignment Content
a change plan for one organizational performance issue aligned with the needs assessment in Week 1 and the change strategy in Week 2. Include elements of a change theory to support your change plan.
the following:
Reflect upon the concepts learned in PSY/355, Motivational Processes in Human Psychology; PSY/420, Theories of Behavior; PSY/435, Industrial Organizational Psychology; and IOP/460, Organizational Cultures.
Examine a minimum of two IOP concepts that demonstrate feedback should be ongoing and its usefulness.
How do you plan to use feedback as a tool to assist with change adaption?
Apply motivational theories and discuss how these theories can keep employees engaged during complex changes or other organizational initiatives.
Identify a method for evaluating employee performance post-change.
Discuss how you would identify, collect, and analyze that data.
How you would present your performance findings.
APA format
700 – 1,050 words
Cite 4 creditable references
Include and identify the introduction, subtitles, and conclusion.
Attachment reference
Bechtel, N., McGee, H., & Dickinson, A. (2015). The effects of the temporal placement of feedback on performance. The Psychological Record, 65(3), 425-434.
Nerstad, C. G. L., Roberts, G. C., & Richardsen, A. M. (2013). Achieving success at work: Development and validation of the Motivational Climate at Work Questionnaire. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 43(11), 2231-2250.
Wildman, J. L., Bedwell, W. L., Salas, E., & Smith-Jentsch, K. A. (2011). Chapter 10: Performance measurement at work: A multilevel perspective. APA Handbook of Industrial & Organizational Psychology, 1, 303-341.


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