I need these questions answered in 150 words each 1. HUMANISTIC PSYCHOLOGY So how is HP viewed today With the

I need these questions answered in 150 words each
So how is HP viewed today? With the development of Positive Psychology by Marty Seligman, the HP movement has a fit.
Here is the APA website for the Society of Humanistic Psychology
Attached is an article on the renaissance of HP.
What appeals to you regarding HP?
Do you have any criticisms, concerns regarding HP?
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Critiquing Humanistic Psychology
Of course no theory is without its potential shortcomings.
Attached is an interesting article on why HP has lost its power in American Psychology.
The author raises some interesting points. What do you think?
Attached Files
As you continue working on your 10 strategic points and your chapter 2, remember that you will need a theoretical framework/model. This section identifies the theories or models that provide the foundation for the project. This section should present the theories or models(s) and explain how the problem under investigation relates to the theory or model. Sometimes however, students can have difficulty figuring out the difference between theory, theoretical framework and a conceptual framework so they have trouble explaining how their framework related to the problem being addressed with their project. Is there a difference between a theory, theoretical framework, and a conceptual framework?


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