Write a 2 page report on one of the topics listed below. Your paper must include a title your name

Write a 2 page report on one of the topics listed below. Your paper must include a title, your name, an introduction, a bodyincluding facts and pros & cons about the situation or possible solutions to the situation, and a conclusion touching on all the points you discussed. You also need to include a glossary of terms that were new to you or could be new to your classmates and an annotated list of resources you used with a comment for each resource on why you chose it and your assessment of how reliable or credible the resource is.
Formatting instructions:
Use Times New Roman 12 pts
Use single-line spacing
Use 1-inch margins
Submit your report as MS word document (*.doc or *.docx) or as a pdf-file (*.pdf) using Canvas
Ogallala Aquifer: Should it be conserved?
Colorado River: How could the conflicting demands for the water of the Colorado River be solved?
Everglades: Should they be restored?
Missouri River: Should it be restored?
Long distance water transfer: Is this a good approach to deliver water to cities and agriculture in need of water?
Cities running out of water: How could this be prevented?
Effects of global warming on water resources in the USA: Can we ignore these effects?
Water Quality: Why should we care?


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