Substantive response. Please further discussion. End response with a question. APA format 175 265 words Cite 1 reference Respond to

Substantive response. Please further discussion. End response with a question.
APA format
175 – 265 words
Cite 1 reference
Respond to the following:
Kristi Butterfield
410:46 AM
Hello everyone,
As a future IOP professional, there are a couple of ways I would advocate for diversity in the workplace in global organizations using the points by the authors of this weeks assigned readings. One way I would advocate for diversity is to address multiple levels of analysis for enhanced legislative and public policy attention to organizational climates that are experienced as hostile by members of diverse groups (Bond, 2014). Using this method sets a clear goal and a clear understanding of the issues that need to be addressed, increasing diverse representation throughout the hierarchy, combating discrimination and enhancing positive interpersonal and team functioning (Bond, 2014). If an organization does not abide by set legal matters and enhanced diversity policies, there should be significant consequences. Things like sexual harassment, sexism, and hostile work environments towards specific ethnic groups could face potential fines, lawsuits, or closure if the accusations are severe. I would advocate diversity through the methods used in this weeks readings, such as through the courts, enhanced legislative and public policies. Still, I would also support through regular training and development. During my time at the University of Phoenix, I have learned that training employees to stay up to par on a continually enhancing workplace is a way to eliminate a hostile work environment.

According to this weeks assigned reading, organizations worldwide have adopted policies to address harassment and diverse individuals; however, it also states that not all policies are equally effective (Bond, 2014). Based on the knowledge Ive gained during my time in the IOP program, I would say that companies worldwide have different policies and procedures. They have different standards based on their organizations views on other concepts like diversity and culture. Because they uphold different cultural beliefs and those from diverse backgrounds, I think it is given different organizational views on diversity.
Bond, M. A., & Haynes, M. C. (2014). Workplace Diversity: A Social-Ecological Framework and Policy Implications. Social Issues and Policy Review, 8(1), 167–201.


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