Topic: In modern world history the rise of the West is arguably the most important and influential event. Write a

Topic: In modern world history, the rise of the West is arguably the most important and influential event. Write a paper to discuss 1) what are the internal and external factors that had caused the rise of the West; and 2) then discuss how this rise has impacted the world in various ways (politics, economy, science and technology, society and culture). The duration of the period should cover approximately the 500 hundred years, starting from the 15th to the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.
Requirements for Writing: I will need at least the following things in your paper:1)
Background information–facts and figures (objective part)
Your own comments or analyses (subjective part)
A bibliography (a list of source materials): All sources MUST be cited properly and listed explicitly to avoid suspected plagiarism.
You must use at least twelve different sources for your paper (If you choose the 2-paper option, each paper must have at least 6 sources). At least six (6) of them (3 for 2-paper option) have to be books or journal articles regardless of form (traditional or electronic). Any internet sources MUST include the website and date of access.
Format: double-spaced, in Times New Roman and 12-point fonts. For other details, please follow MLA format.


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