Topic Chosen: Google Service Your paper should be 58 pages in total no more than 8. This page count does

Topic Chosen: Google Service
Your paper should be 5-8 pages in total, no more than 8. This page count does not include your title or reference pages.
Please see Paper Requirements below for details of what this includes and does not include.
APA uses Times New Roman, 12pt font., double spaced with 1” margins all around.
Description of the Assignment:
Refer to what your instructor wants you to do and/or to submit, as detailed below in the Deliverables section. Include the real-world (authentic) situation, type of task to be accomplished, and the sorts of higher-order thinking (analysis, reasoning, critical thinking, etc.) that were requested and/or shared throughout your course thus far.
For this written assignment you will create a research paper, on a topic of your own choosing, that relates to an ethical issue in technology and the workplace.
You will need to do the following:
Provide an overview of the technology.
Make arguments as to why it is an ethical issue.
Provide supporting rationale.
Develop a recommendation to resolve the ethical issue.


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