Introduction: 1 He gave a brief idea about the research topic 2 Explain the reason for choosing the topic. 3

1- He gave a brief idea about the research topic
2- Explain the reason for choosing the topic.
3- Explain what the researcher aims behind.
the problem:
1- Establishing a research need or a scientific gap.
2- Formulate a phrase about a question.
1- Define what you want to accomplish.
1- Mention the scientific value of the research.
2- Mention the application value (for research, if any)
1- Select the case you want it to be.
1- Propose solutions and recommendations.
1- Books of Conclusion.
2- Explanation of the research summary.
3- Mention the most important activity.
Research requirements
* To expand the level of external influences.
* References contain an article references, in addition to at least 15 references from sources.
* Writing 15-20 pages,
Academic integrity (very important)
* Paraphrasing (paraphrasing) in the manner and understanding of the student. * Total citation does not exceed half a page only in the research. * The source of the information must be written after each paragraph, and the reference information should be written on the reference page.


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