Considerthe following scenario: As the manager of a busy call center for a health care organization you note that the

the following scenario:
As the manager of a busy call center for a health care organization, you note that the volume of calls has doubled over the past year. Although you do not have the budget to hire additional staff, you do have an additional $20,000 to spend on your department to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Using the Sample Proposal Template example, write
a 700- to 1,050-word proposal in which you:
Explain strategies you will use to create an effective team that can help you improve efficiency and customer service in your department.
Why are teams essential?
How are teams used in other industries, such as aviation, auto racing, and the military?
What best practices from other industries could be applied in the health care industry?
Explain organizational processes (such as a SWOT analysis or the 5 Step Planning Process that will affect or influence the decision-making process to improve efficiency and customer service.
Propose what resources or tools can be offered to your staff to help with efficiency and customer service using the additional funds available.
TEMPLATE ATTACHED(check attachments)


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