background company: H.J. Heinz Company background institution: Trian FundSandell In this report I need at minimumthe following:

ackground company: H.J. Heinz Company
background institution:
Trian Fund/Sandell
In this report I need at minimum
the following:
In narrative form, not bullet points
and not
answering each question
exactly as listed in order if different sequence works for you.
Background of Company at the time of the proxy battle.
at that time. CEO and background
Background of institution/investment firm – key leader, his history, institutions history, and state at the time of the battle.
The issue that raised the interest of the institution. In detail.
Position of institution and position of management.
First steps and all steps in the fight. Was there any attempt at compromise? Why not? Did it work?
Who won?
Final results.
Your opinion about process, steps and negotiations, outcome.
What you would have done differently – anything else on which you would like to state your opinion.
Why do the same institutions pop up often in proxy fights?


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