300 words only use one article Article can only be less than 4 years old Case Study: You

300 words/ only use one article/ Article can only be less than 4 years old
Case Study:
You are working
as a clinician
in a clinic that serves the indigent population.
Many of the patients are 50 years old and older,
and have chronic
heart failure
( CHF). Your manager
asked you for evidence- based resources to identify strategies to reduce frequent hospital readmissions.
A. Find an evidence-based article
that focuses on strategies
to reduce frequent hospital readmissions among patients
50 years and older, with chronic congestive heart failure. Reference your article at the end of your initial post. On time post.
From your
article, what is your PICO

question? Identify your PICO
I- Intervention
strategies did you use
to identify your evidence
– based resources?
D. What time frame is the
publication of your article , and why?
Did you use information from the website?

Why or why not?
F. citation, and
Follow the Rubric


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