Please read the file and let me know if you have any question The three counties are going to write

Please read the file and let me know if you have any question! The three counties are going to write is Canada,
Iran, Tanzania.
Choose one product/service/experience from the list provided by Professor Ong (below). This weeks assignment is the first part of deciding which of your three countries (e.g. not the USA) are the best possible markets for your chosen product/service/experience.
Review the work you have done up to now researching these countries. Are there any gaps in your research, especially given the choice of the product/service? If so, complete some additional research to bolster your case now that you are more familiar with data sources. For example, if you chose an electronic product, checking
% of the country that has access to the internet or electricity might be useful.
Combine all your work done so far in a cohesive PEST analysis, including updated research if necessary and more developed synthesis explaining why these factors are important and what they mean given the chosen product. Make sure to have 4 datapoints per PEST concept.
Also add on a draft of what you are thinking for an international business strategy (market entry, international strategy, etc.), using the concepts you learned this week, and explaining why you made the decisions you did. This does not need to be finalized, but it does need to show some of your thought process as you consider the different PEST factors.
Both of these parts can be draft (e.g. does not have to be final paper quality), but all parts of the content must be fully there.
All data points must be cited (e.g. you need to note what the source is of each piece of data). Other supplemental research sources must also be cited.
You will have to do some research on your own on whichever one you choose. Ive included a list of products, experiences, and services below. If youd like to study something else that is not listed here, please email me by Tuesday so I can approve it. You can only research approved items.
Hairbrella rain hat
Los Angeles as a travel destination (once COVID is done, of course)
Los Angeles Philharmonic
NightLight pediatric urgent care
Bubble tea (you can look at a specific franchise, such as or
Tajin seasoning
The Magic Castle, Los Angeles
Molekule air filters


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