Part 1 300 words As the new network administrator one of your first responsibilities is to draft

Part 1 (300 words)
As the new network administrator, one of your first responsibilities is to draft a network security policy plan that employees must sign and follow when using the company’s network.
Research and discuss the items that you would place in such a plan, and justify your reasoning for the items that you have decided to include.
Research and discuss 3 items that you believe are the most important when drafting a security policy plan.
Explain why you believe these are important, and include examples of security breaches that can occur if these items are not outlined and followed.
Specify any special considerations of concern in the area of wireless security.
As the network administrator, you have been given the task of preparing a presentation for the stakeholders of a new project that will involve the creation of a new e-commerce Web site.
Using the library, the Internet, and other materials, prepare a PowerPoint presentation that outlines the following items:
Slide 1: Title slide
Slide 2: Presentation overview
Slides 3–4:
How users will be tracked when they use the site for marketing and site design purposes
Slides 5–6:
The methods that will be used to defend against client-side attacks
Slides 7–8:
The protocols and techniques that will be used to provide and secure online transactions
Slides 9-10:
Incorporate knowledge gained from completion of your LabSim tasks by referencing applicable content. Note that other references may be used as well.


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