or this course you will prepare a weeklong science unit plan. Each assignment will scaffold to create the benchmark. Each

or this course, you will prepare a weeklong science unit plan. Each assignment will scaffold to create the benchmark. Each week, for each assignment, you will be completing a portion of the science unit plan.
The unit plan will be aligned to state content standards, in the areas of science and health (fitness, body, physical activity, emotional, and/or motor skills), along with a minimum of two of the following content disciplines:
Scientific Method
Physical Science
Life Science
Earth and Space
Engineering, Technology, and Applications of Science
Part 1: Title, Rationale, Standards, Learning Objectives, Vocabulary
The planning process, which includes defining the structure and selecting a theme that encompasses multiple areas of science in one unit, is the first step in preparing a unit plan.
When planning your unit plan, identify which concepts in science can overlap from one lesson to another. You could have more than one standard from different areas of science in each lesson.
Select a K-8 grade level and use the “Science Unit Plan” template to guide you through the
necessary steps and components.
For this assignment, complete the following components in the “Science Unit Plan template:
Lesson Title, Brief Summary, and Rationale: Summarize and provide a rationale as to how each lesson can overlap multiple areas of science in one lesson and the scope/intent of the lesson.
State-Specific Standards: List the specific grade-level standards that teach and assess science content areas.
Learning Objectives: Write learning objectives specific to your state standards and the lesson.
Vocabulary: Include the appropriate academic language and vocabulary that is appropriate to each lesson.
The details of the Science Unit Plan will continue to be fully developed and revised throughout the duration of the course, culminating in a complete unit plan due in Topic 5.
Part 2: Reflection
In 250-500 words, summarize and reflect on the process of beginning your unit plan and including multiple content areas of science in one lesson. What do you consider the most important key components of your unit plan so far? How can this process be used in your future professional practice?
Submit the “Science Unit Plan” and reflection as one deliverable.
APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.
topic I chose: For the upcoming assignment Science Unit Plan, I would like to work on a unit plan that concentrates on Earth Science, specifically on Environmental Health. My idea would be to focus on Earth Day and teach the kids where garbagoes goes and how that is linked to reducing, reusing & recycling. The overall objective would be to teach the kids the importance of protecting our environment and the Earth. Needless to say, the unit plan also will include several activities and group projects to allow the kids to obtain first-hand experience which will assist in the student’s ability to develop ways they can contribute to Earth Day.


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