The answer to this question must coincide with the questions at: https:www.homeworkmarket.comquestionsweek3623 Based on your response

The answer to this question
must coincide with the questions at:

Based on your response to Forum 3, conduct additional research to locate the following:
Locate at least two different Angels or VCs that would be appropriate for your venture.
For each, research the requirements they require from an entrepreneur when requesting funding.
Analyze the possibility of approaching each source. Explain. (The purpose here is to determine if you would want to do business with this firm or individual, and why or why not).
Include a 2-page document explaining the research you used, including the credibility and reliability of each source.
You might use a matrix as a template:
Approach? Explain.
______ (Name of Angel or VC)
Slide deck
[Angel or VC] often invests in the type of venture Im in.
[Angel or VC] has a positive reputation with previous investors.


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