subject name: Enterprise Risk Management ITS835 word count:300 Chapter 14 case study provides a broad spectrum

subject name: Enterprise Risk Management – ITS835
word count:300+
Chapter 14
case study provides a broad spectrum of issues—both opportunities and potential threats—that arise from creating growth opportunities. Many risks can be explored and debated as part of various approaches to enterprise risk management (ERM), including using strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis and risk profiles.
For this discussion, consider the following two questions:
How do Zurich ERM tools help them better understand their existing and emerging risks?
Why is it important to include a Business Resilience program in your organization’s ERM program?
Additional details for the discussion:
Student should complete all required portions of the discussion assignment. Assignment strongly demonstrates graduate-level proficiency in organization, grammar, and style Assignment is well written, and ideas are well developed and explained. Demonstrates strong writing skills. Student paid close attention to spelling and punctuation. Sentences and paragraphs are grammatically correct. Proper use of APA formatting. Properly and explicitly cited outside resources. Reference list matches citations and Plagiarism check required.
Textbook(s) Required:
Fraser, J., Simkins, B., & Narvaez, K. (2014). Implementing enterprise risk management: Case studies and best practices. John Wiley & Sons


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