Step 1: Record your time for 7 days Step 2: Think about the top three things you value most maybe

Step 1: Record your time for 7 days
Step 2: Think about the top three things you value most, maybe school, family, work, your health, etc. and record for later use.
Step 3: Add up how much time you spent over the entire week in the following categories:
School work
Step 4: Divide the hours you spent in each category by 168 (the total number of hours in a 7 day period).
Ex. Sleeping – 36 hrs. / 168 = 0.2142857
Move the decimal place two places to the right and drop the remaining numbers to determine the percentage.
Ex. 0.214
= 21
Step 5: Create a pie chart or bar chart that represents the categories above and your values. Illustrate how much of your time was spent doing each activity.
Step 6: Based on your results from the pie chart, reflect on your time management. Write a paragraph (7 -10 sentences) addressing the following questions:
Overall, are you satisfied with how you spent your time?
How does the time you spend align with your values?
In what three areas are you spending the most time?
Are there areas for which you are spending too little time?
If you were to make two changes to your schedule to align with your values, what would they be and why?
You may print a copy of this assignment Here.
You may print a copy of a 24 hour weekly schedule Here.
Click here to learn how to make a pie chart.
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Click here to view a student example of this assignment.


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