Work is due Thursday June 18 2020 at 1800 hours 6pm eastern time zone. Please complete assignment and cite sources

Work is due Thursday, June 18, 2020 at 1800 hours (6pm eastern time zone). Please complete assignment and cite sources according to APA standards.
In a written paragraph form response of a
of 1000 words, choose a winner in the Public/Private/Charter Education Battle. You should use as much content from current and previous reading’s as possible to write your response.
Additional research may be necessary and is always appropriate.
Address the following questions:
Why did you choose that winner?
How is it connected to the various ideas of the course?
How would various thinkers respond (Thomas Jefferson, Horace Mann, Booker T. Washington, etc.) to your choice?
What is the philosophical/ideological/political connections to this decision?
Who benefits from this choice? Who suffers?
What will happen if your winner stays the winner?
What will happen when/if ideologies change?
How does society as a whole benefit from your winner?
How does society as a whole suffer?
And any other issue/idea you deem relevant
*****Please see the attached video for further assignment instructions*****

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