use data attached to solve the following questions using Excel 1Eliminate duplexes and properties with prices over 850000

use data (attached) to solve the following questions using Excel
Eliminate duplexes and properties with prices over $850,000 from the data. Eliminate non- numeric variables and redundant variables from the data.
Which variable correlates most strongly with price?
(3) Find the regression line
with the variable chosen in the previous problem. [The lm function in R or the Analysis ToolPak add-in for Excel will do ]
For the remaining problems, consider the following variables associated with each property.
= number of bedrooms
= number of bathrooms
= number of stories
= square footage
= house has pool?
(4) Construct the multivariable least squares model with predictors
x1, x2, x3, x4, x5. [First, con- vert
to binary.]
(5) Use a hypothesis test to determine if the model is useful for predicting home values at a level
?. State the
p-value and interpret.
(6) Are any variables not useful predictors of home price at significance level
= 0.05? State the
p-values of any rejected variables. What does this mean practically?


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