Topic:Response in physical security research paper 1012 pages not including title TOC references and any appendices Double

Topic:Response in physical security (research paper)

•10-12 pages (not including title, TOC, references, and any appendices)
•Double spaced APA style
•At least 10 references
•At least 5 of your references must be scholarly peer-reviewed articles

•The purpose of the research paper is to associate controls (administrative, technical, and physical) with your assigned physical security goal.
•Some items that need to be addressed are:
–Associated Threats
–Guidelines and standards
–Appropriate controls
–Issues and concerns for different industries
–Business continuity and risk mitigation
–Budgetary concerns

•Find and review peer-reviewed scholarly articles concerning the access control and the associated industry
•Find and review other information that associates with your topic area
•Apply research from articles on chosen topic area to create research paper


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