The structure of paper should be about six pages not including the title abstract and reference pages. Thats six pages

The structure of
paper should be about six pages, not including the title, abstract, and reference pages. That’s six pages of content. Y submission must be in full APA
7th Edition format.
Title page (no Running Head):
Body (7-8 pages)
Literature Review with appropriate citation
Proper Section Headers
References (at least four)
Correct grammar, spelling, form, and format.
Attached case project and below is what I need.
Select a case study of your choice from the textbook related to threats against the national critical infrastructure sector and research it. For example, you may decide that since we talked about state sponsored malware in last week’s lecture, that you want to return to Chapter 2 and use the Case Project presented there where the United States is hit by a large-scale coordinated attack organized by China. The problem is presented to you with a specific scenario where parts of the US critical infrastructure, such as the power grid and telephone systems are debilitated. You will research the type of attack that may be launched in this scenario, what is China’s motivation for this attack, how the attack would be introduced and proliferated, what defenses may intercede from some sector clients, what remediation might be applied, and how long it should take to recover. What else can you come up with? In this case, an attack like this may escalate. Would the US military respond with a cyber counterattack? What would be the likelihood of a kinetic response from the US military? How would we attempt to cool this incident? Then write up a conclusion that ties all this together.


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