Topic: Planned ParenthoodGrant Narrative The final paper asks students to present an overview of the agency that the student has

Topic: Planned Parenthood-Grant
The final paper asks students to present an overview of the agency that the student has selected to focus upon in this course. In this assignment submission, you will demonstrate the ability to analyze, or deconstruct, and synthesize, or reconstruct, the component steps to turn-key (start to finish) grant writing and revenue/expenditure tracking
The final paper will be Seven (7) to Ten (10) pages with Five (5) reference source citations. The paper should consist of the following Six Components. Use each of the components below as a heading in your paper.
Introduction to the Agency/Organization selected as the student’s focus for this course.
Elaboration upon an area, program, or project, within the student’s organization/agency that the student is focusing upon for this course, that needs grant funding.
Elaboration on possible grants that this organization/agency could apply to receive.
Strategic elaboration on how the organization should apply for a grant to include mentioning the processes of a
Elaboration and analysis on the lessons learned from the Article that you Reviewed in this Course into the Real-World of Practice in the Agency you have selected to analyze for this course.
The final section will consist of the student’s recommendations to the organization/agency that they have chosen focusing on how the organization will collect data and report how the grant monies are being expended to the


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