Respond to the comments of 3 students below. Each Response must be exactly 100 words. Each response

Respond to the comments of 3 students below. Each Response must be exactly 100 words.
Each response is to be specific to the original post of the individual to whom you are responding (in other words, you cannot post the same thing for each response). Each response should be a thoughtful reflection of the original post. In other words, simply saying “good idea” is not sufficient. Your replies should incorporate terminology and details from the readings and presentation.
Tips: Be sure to…
be supportive and affirming in your responses
individualize each response
make sure your replies are consistent with the course material (readings and presentation)
Student #1 Comment: Response must be exactly 100 words.
A curriculum is refers to the lession and academic content taught in the classroom. The curriculum in the classroom is everything you do and everything you do not
intentionally in the classroom.

All the materials server a purpose they are use to develop learning lession in the environment. Curriculum should provide opportunities for development in areas besides intellectual or cognitive growth. It should also provide encouragement of and opportunities for, healthy social, emotional and physical development.
Curriculum can lead to lessons planning were in more detail teacher will focus on objectives how to exactly implement activities and how to meet curriculum goal.
Instructions context is the selected activities be presented and carried out for desired goals and objectives to be achieved.
Teachers are encourage to not only plan activites but also to organize work. Instruction context can be when children free play . Free play can be something teacher plan intentionally related to lession. For example if the lession is about sea animals, teacher can have a variety of sea animals for children to play during free play. Instructional approachs are various instructional content for teacher to contemplate generally as they plan a curriculum. Instructional approach can be the use of themes
for example focus in a particular unit or topic like trees and understanding it thoroughly. When you have theme teacher typically plan activities relatedto that particular them as well incorporating it in lession planning.
Worksheet are not developmentally appropriate because children need hands on activities to explore, discover. When children use worksheets do not provide real meaningful experiences, and may not be appropriate tool for every children.
Children learn differently and not all children will benefit from using worksheet and can cause many other problems .

Student #2 Comment: Response must be exactly 100 words.
The word curriculum in the child development education means the lesson plans the teacher plan to add into the childrens classroom activities. These is the curriculum for the childrens environment. These activities need to be age appropriate for the children, to meet their developmental needs. Is important to have a combination of teacher directed activities with some activities that inspires children own exploration and curiosity. The curriculum lessons are not only use to learn math and reading concepts but to attain other skills such as social emotional, science, problem solving skills, and cognitive development.
Is beneficial to have the children in a school that uses an approach that follows an integrated curriculum. In this type of approach the curriculum integrates learning concepts with the topic. The teacher plans an activities for the children but she lets the children explore and learn through the process of hands on experimentation. As she lets them create their spontaneous play and doesnt intervene until she sees a teachable moment to arise.
I plan to have a rich environment that can foster childrens spontaneous play in which they will have the opportunity to interact and to explore. Learn to problem solve as they are using the classroom materials. Theyre also learning to cooperate with other children and their enhancing their socials skills as well. This is why I believe in planning an environment in which the children will be learning many of these math skills, socialization, problem solving, language, as they play freely in the environment. This is a developmentally appropriate way for the young children to learn this skills instead of using worksheets. Using worksheets can be frustrating for the children and in order for them to learn how to grasp a pencil is important to have more activities that are hands on manipulation. Like using play dough instead of having them practice one letter over and over.
Student #3 Comment: Response must be exactly 100 words.
In our early childhood program, the curriculum refers to all the characteristic imaginable a classroom has to offer. Every item placed in the environment is intentionally placed there for the children’s development. This includes the environment, daily routines, and materials available. Items in the environment are age appropriate for children and placed within reach. Mirrors, posters and wall art are at eye level for children. The classroom routine enables learning to occur as it also allows for everybody to know what is going to occur next. Materials in the classroom serve a purpose in what learning is going to be happening and is constantly changing. Curriculum is focused on the child’s social, emotional, physical development as well as academics. A strong communication between the family and teacher are necessary, so the families can be guided on how to carry the curriculum into the home environment.

An effective instructional approach we use in the classroom is free play. Children are invited to move freely to play in the classroom without restrictions. During free play, learning is naturally occurring as children interact with items in the environment that are deliberately placed there by the staff. Learning objectives that are set for children are reached by placing items that support that particular objective. Each item is targeted to work on a child’s development. This approach is used because children become naturally engaged with what they are interested in due to the autonomy of choosing what they want to participate in. Their play is not interrupted or limited as children are able to become fully invest into their work.

Work sheets are not practiced as they are not developmentally appropriate and cause more harm than good to young children. This practice allows for only one way of completing it. Children can develop negative feelings towards themselves and school if they don’t complete the work sheet correctly. Young children understand numbers, shapes, alphabet etc… through visual and real-life concepts not by connecting a line or tracing an item on a paper. A child’s body is not physically capable to stay in an area to complete such task or hold a pencil correctly. Instead, more effective methods to capture a child’s progress are used, such as portfolios, work samples, photos, and observations.


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