Reply to a disccusion 250275 words Requires Scholary source APA format There are a few similarities

Reply to a disccusion (250-275 words) Requires Scholary source, APA format

There are a few similarities and differences between the American culture and the Chinese culture. One that strikes me the most is that they value their elders dearly. Although we all know that different cultures have ways on managing traditions and also have separate approach to aging. In the Chinese culture, respecting the elderly is actually a law that everybody follows (Sung, 2000). They value their elders and practice honor in terms of dealing with them. The American culture however, has a different approach to this. Rapidly growing senior living communities are filled with elders and are left there. With both having different approaches to family, I believe that Americans are more independent versus Chinese people who values tradition throughout every generation.
Family Roles & Organization
Family roles in the Chinese culture are more precise than the American culture. Chinese family roles are followed by which fathers being the head of the family are known to provide and take care of their children (Hu, & Scott, 2014). On the other hand, the American culture is on the broad side for being modeled in different figures and sizes. Some of which are single parent, multiple parent, or have an extended family member. Although viewed differently, both cultures still value family with respect and dignity considering the factors affecting the situation.
High-Risk Behaviors
In the American culture it is known that a few numbers of people are open to the reality of any high-risk behaviors. The approach is openly discussed and treatment is readily available. In the Chinese culture, it is discourage to display any signs of negative emotions thus can mean displaying a personal weakness. In terms of coping with any high-risk behaviors, it is hard for the Chinese culture to express their feelings towards something because of the shame and fear that they can get from other people (Guo et. al, 2019).
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Hu, Yang & Scott, Jacqueline. (2014). Family and Gender Values in China: Generational, Geographic, and Gender Differences. Journal of Family Issues. 39. 0192513X14528710. 10.1177/0192513X14528710.
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