Task 1: Microsoft Excel 40 marks Assessment Task Traffic Fine As from the Royal Police of Oman is providing the

Task 1: Microsoft Excel
(40 marks)
Assessment Task
Traffic Fine
As from the Royal Police of Oman is providing the list of those traffic violators who are exceeding the speed limit mentioned on the roads. You are required to prepare a file of minimum 10 violators along-with several number of fines on different locations (as sample) by using Microsoft Excel for the calculation of Fine amount against each violator.
The task should contain the following:
Task 1 (a):
i. Create a COMPLETE worksheet with appropriate labels for the above-mentioned scenario.
ii. Calculate the Grand Total against each Violator by multiplying the Fine Amount with Number
of fines by using the appropriate formula.
iii. Calculate the Payment Method against each violator with the following condition:
IF, Grand Total is less than or equal to 20, Payment would be in “Cash” otherwise it would be through “Visa Card”.
Task 1 (b)
Also, provide the following statistical data:
i. Count “Number of Violators” given in the table.
ii. Calculations of “Highest amount of fine” committed by a violator.
iii. Calculations of “Lowest amount of fine” committed by a violator.
iv. Counttheremarks“Cash”from“PaymentMethod”column.
v. Count the remark “Visa Card” from “Payment Method” column.
Task 1 (c)
Draw a “Pie chart” that will show the Total amount of fine against each Violator and save the
spreadsheet as Task1_ID_MS Excel.
Pg. 4 Version 1
Task 2: Microsoft PowerPoint (20 marks)
Use the statistical data given in “Task 1” and prepare five PowerPoint slides Presentation. The Slides should be arranged as follows:
1. Introduction (Slide 1)
2. Comprehensive Information along-with Pie chart (Slides 2, 3 and 4)
3. Overall insight and outcome of the presentation (Slide 5)
Use more than one different slide layouts and save the presentation as Task2-ID-MS PowerPoint.
Task 3: Microsoft Access (40 marks)
Create a table related to the “Task 1” in Microsoft Access by using different field data types that will show the status of those Traffic Violators who exceeded the speed limit mentioned on the roads. You are also required to generate a report for those Violators who paid their fine by using “Visa Card” and save with a filename Task3-ID-MS Access
Guideline to the Students:
• Check that all the data has been entered accurately
• Use formatting features to make sure the spreadsheet is easy to read and looks professional
• Use suitable layout
• Use suitable font
• Use correct capitalization
• Use correct formulas and functions
• Header (Student Name and Student ID)
• Footer (write the Module name and Module code)
• Font – Calibri, Font Size – 12 (body), font size heading – 14
• Apply background colour in table header and those columns with formulas
• Border line should be strictly observed
Note: Complete your file(s) by keeping in mind that your document(s) should look professional and submit the original files of each task i.e. (Task 1 – Microsoft Excel and Task 2 & 3 – Microsoft PowerPoint & Microsoft Access that also contains the information/data of Microsoft Access task (as an evidence) to the concerned link on Turnitin accordingly.
Moreover, It is to be further advised that
Turnitin doesn’t have any link for Microsoft Access.
transfer (copy and paste) the data / information from
Microsoft Access (Table and Report) to the same file of Microsoft PowerPoint along-with the
appropriate headings of Task 3 after the completion of Task 2 and upload to the Turnitin
Pg. 5 Version 1
Question Number
Criteria for Rubrics
Marks Allocated
Task 1 (Microsoft Excel)

Task 1(a)
Task 1(b) Task 1(c)
Task 2
Introduction-1 i. ii. Knowledge-1 iii.
Marking Scheme
Complete contents and headings of the table. Calculation of Grand Total
Calculation of Payment Method:
Calculation of Statistical data
Pie Chart
4 x 5 = 20 5
3 + 3 =6 3
2 x 6 = 12 4
3 x 4 = 12 10 100
GCO4009 – Business Applications AY: 2019-2020 / 2nd Semester

Introduction-2 Knowledge-2 Analysis-2
iv. v.

Task 3
Task 2 (Microsoft PowerPoint)
i. First slide (Brief Introduction):
ii. Second and Third slide include information
iii. Fourth slide include Description and Pie Chart iv. Last slide with Conclusion / Summary (outcome
of presentation)
v. Overall creativity of presentation
Task 3 (Microsoft Access)
i. Creation of Table with all fields
ii. Complete information mentioned in the table
iii. Alignment of data
Using different data types applied on the fields of the table
Knowledge-3 iv.
Analysis-3 v. Correct and comprehensive report



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