ss we saw Star Trek: The Next Generation Justice High Noon and A Man for All Seasons. In each of

ss, we saw Star Trek: The Next Generation — “Justice,” High Noon, and A Man for All Seasons. In each of these dramas, the main character faces a moral dilemma. Synopses of these dramas are attached to this test.Using 1½ to 2 typed, double-spacedpages answer any ONE of the following essay questions.
A.)Should Captain Picard let the Edo execute Wesley Crusher or not? Why, or why not? B.)Should Marshall Will Kane leave town or have a show down with Frank Miller?Why?C.)Should Sir Thomas More swear to King Henry VIII’s oath or not? Why, or whynot?Be sure to defend your answer with a CAREFUL ARGUMENT, relying on one or more of the moral traditions we examined in class. It is NOT enough merely to state your opinion, no matter how heart-felt it may be.N. B.:Do NOT be overly influenced by the decisions the characters made in the dramas. Make and defend your own decisions


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