Using the introduction to A Taste for Brown Sugar written by UCSBs own Mireille MillerYoung and the introduction to the

Using the introduction to A Taste for Brown Sugar (written by UCSBs own Mireille Miller-Young) and the introduction to the Feminist Porn Book, in 300 words or more please identify at least
popular (mis)/conceptions of pornography, and at least
ways these texts define or redefine pornography and/or feminist porn?
You must include at least
references (in any combination) to these
different texts to receive full credit.
In no less than 300 words, use Fox (2018) and Webber & Sullivan (2018) to describe how pornography is treated as a public health crisis, and some of the impacts of its construction as a crisis.
You must reference both of the readings at least
Regardless of which topic you choose to write on, you must respond to
classmate in no less than 100 words by 11:59pm on Sunday, 5/24.
Center your forum post on the authors voices, and save any personal opinions or experiences for the peer responses.


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