Using APA format sources references original work. Urinary Disorders A 45yearold grocery sales clerk has been suffering from

Using APA format, sources, references, & original work.
Urinary Disorders
A 45-year-old grocery sales clerk has been suffering from bouts of severe pain in his left flank region. He blamed it on prolonged standing for 8 hours straight while working. He was taking over-the-counter pain medications for his pain. One day, he found fresh blood in his urine. He went to a doctor who performed urine tests, CT scans, and x-rays. He was diagnosed with urinary calculi.
Discuss possible factors that may have been responsible for the development of the stone and use this case to show how the patients diet and water intake can help analyze the composition of the calculi.
What would be the test results of his white blood cells, blood calcium levels, CT scan, and x-ray?
Suggest the best treatment for the patient and a plan to prevent recurrence post-treatment.


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